In Just Five Years' Time You'll Be Able To Take A Flying Uber

In order to reduce traffic and ease congestion on the roads, Uber is going to establish a flying service, with taxis being able to move through the air. This will be possible from 2023 and here is all the relevant information.

This is no longer a thing of science fiction movies. We originally thought that this would happen in a hundred years or so, but no, you’ll only have to wait a few years to be able to take a flying taxi, currently going by the name UberAir. Uber is going to start testing this new service in 2020 in Dallas and Los Angeles and a third city will also be chosen out of 10 possible options.

The taxis will fly at a speed of no less than 150mph

Although in some cities there are particular rules that could prevent these flying taxis from being established, Uber has already set up a Research and Development Center for making the introduction easier in cities. These new 2.0 machines will first be flown by qualified pilots and in the future, will function automatically. Uber wants to get people used to speed, since these flying taxis would travel at a speed of between 150 and 200mph and will make 30 times less noise than a helicopter, according to BFMéco.

The number of passengers will remain the same as there are currently in a normal taxi and they will be able to travel as far as 62 miles. The American company is planning to set up this concept all over the world and prices are looking positive. In 2023, a passenger will have to pay an average of £2.60 per mile and if you are sharing a flying taxi, this price could then be divisible by three or four.

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