At The Top Of These Steps Lies Something Truly Incredible

At The Top Of These Steps Lies Something Truly Incredible

Come challenge the stairs of paradise, an obstacle course to complete at least once in one's life.

Embark on a trip to Hawaii and climb to the top of the Haiku Stairs! On Oahu Island, just a few kilometers from Honolulu, a breathtaking hiking trail has been created... Most of the pathway is equipped with stairs nicknamed "Stairway to Heaven".

A now forbidden path

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These stairs extend over a height difference of 650 meters for a total of 3,922 steps. You have to have a good heart and be in good physical condition! Although access to these stairs is now forbidden, many adventurers still take this path, which offers a magnificent panorama.

Useful construction

These stairs were built in 1942 in order to install the network of communication cables used on the archipelago, but one pathway was very quickly exploited for tourism, due to beauty of the view and the landscape.

Cold sweat

One thing is certain, you have to have a good heart to face the Starway to Heaven! Between these stairs and the pool of death present on the Island of Hawaii, it's a beautiful place, but is also full of dangers of all kinds...Would you dare climb the 3,922 steps of this winding, steep path? We're not so sure... For the bravest, a unique climb to the top of the world is something to do at least once Before You Die!

• Sophie West
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