After Her First Haircut In 30 Years, This Woman Looks Unrecognisable

Mitsy hadn't cut her hair for over 30 years. When her hair reached one metre long, she decided to bite the bullet and have it cut on TV!

Having long hair often means you have to spend hours looking after it, especially when your hair is over a metre long! This was the case for Mitsy who hadn’t cut her hair for 30 years. She therefore decided to completely change her look and have her hair cut on TV.

After being invited on the Rachael Ray Show, Mitsy agreed to have her hair cut off and switch from the unflattering men's clothing she had always favoured to something that better showed off her beautiful self.

A new woman

When Mitsy walked onto the set of the TV show after the cut, viewers couldn’t believe their eyes! She had short, coloured hair and was wearing a very flattering dress. Her appearance and her style had completely changed, and when her mother saw her from the audience, she couldn’t hold back the tears. She had discovered a new, very elegant woman within herself now that she wasn't hiding behind masses of hair.

Check out the video above to see Mitsy's incredible transformation!

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