After Deceiving Instagram, The ‘Fake Angelina Jolie’ Reveals Her True Face

Do you remember Sahar Tabar, an Iranian who became famous on Instagram because of her "resemblance" to Angelina Jolie? The young woman recently surprised her followers by revealing her true face. Be warned, you may be shocked.

A few months ago, Sahar Tabar realized her dream of going viral on Instagram. The photos of this 20-year-old Iranian girl have indeed travelled around the world because of her supposed resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

Last December, the young woman admitted that she had never actually had any plastic surgery, when she claimed to have had 50 procedures, and that she had not lost 40 kilograms to look like the star of Mr & Mrs. Smith and The Exchange. Sahar Tabar actually made everything up and her photos were convincing thanks to Photoshop and a lot of make up.

Recently, Sahar unveiled her true face to her 65,000 followers, who were obviously left speechless. Nevertheless, the young woman keeps on posting photoshopped pictures just for fun, in which she gives the impression of being Sally, Tim Burton’s character straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas. Sahar Tabar’s success in fooling millions meant she became a real celebrity on social media.

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