Neil From Art Attack Is In A Raunchy Heavy Metal Band Now

We loved watching Neil's painting and papier-mâché on CITV but he's practically unrecognisable now.

Neil Buchanan was the presenter of CITV's Art Attack from 1990 until 2007 but did you know that he had another passion?

Yes, good old Neil has been in heavy metal band Marseille since they formed in 1976, though he quit the band in 1980. After finishing Art Attack, however, he rejoined the band in 2008 and has been rocking out ever since.

It's quite a departure from kids' TV as the lyrics to some of Marseille's songs are pretty raunchy and single Do It The French Way even featured as the soundtrack to a soft porn film! Ooh la la!

Macaulay Culkin: Where is he now? Macaulay Culkin: Where is he now?