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This Girl Ruined Her Face By Getting A Tattoo On Her Forehead

Usually when someone decides to get a tattoo, it’s for a good reason. Tattoos represent something important to those who get them. It can be something that marked their lives, something that reminds them of their beloved ones, a design or pattern that they simply like.

Most women prefer tattoos on their wrist, their arms, on their legs, or even on their hands, but this girl wanted to be original. Kate Alice wanted to get a tattoo on her forehead. Who would even think of doing something like that?

The design she chose wasn’t even that artistic. She tattooed her passion on her face and the result is far from low-key.

What’s interesting is the reason behind her decision: she won’t have to explain herself to anyone anymore, as people will be able to tell by just looking at her face. Don’t miss the video that shows the tattoo!

By Teegan Wright
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