This Revealing Japanese Swimsuit Style Is Set To Be A Hit This Summer...

A new type of swimsuit has become a HUGE success in Japan. The unique one piece is… well… a tad revealing let’s say.

Giving a glimpse of the chest region, the new trend is fashionable as much as it is intimate. Not sure it would be all that popular in the UK but it’s certainly a must-have in Japan this summer.

You may have already seen this fashion craze banded about on social media. In Japan, this unique one piece is all the rage. Intended to be sexy and practical, similar swimsuits of similar nature have been popular all over the world recently.

Japan however has added a more daring touch to this global trend. Images of the Japanese women in these incredibly revealing swimsuits have sent internet users crazy all across social media. With that in mind, there’s certainly scope for these types of bikinis to go international. In fact, it isn't so rare anymore that you see lingerie and swimsuits in all shapes and sizes, with some one-pieces pretty much losing the purpose of a one-piece.

However, it appears that these swimsuits were also designed with big-boobed ladies in mind, under the claim they help to secure breasts whilst remaining comfortable. And since it's 2019, there's no reason why we shouldn't accept this kind of summer fashion - who's to judge, huh? Although, it is no doubt these are indeed some rather attention-grabbing garments.

And it isn't the first time Japan was swept with such a raunchy swimsuit trend. Back in 2016, it seems everybody went bonkers for string-thin bondage-style bikinis with a rope-like design, leaving very little to the imagination. Indeed, the unusual two-piece shows bare and uncovered style as well as a plentiful portion of underboob in plain sight. Whilst it sounds fun, perhaps these trends aren't for the most confident of us, leaving many of us paranoid of the ever-so-dreaded nip-slip. It seems we ought to catch up to Japan. Kudos to them for creativity!

Check out the video above to see this daring look in action!

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