This New Bikini Trend Is Has Left The Internet Divided

Here is THE new trend that is currently blowing up on social media. They’re calling it ‘the upside-down bikini’ and it even has it own Instagram account.

Have you heard of the upside-down bikini? If the name doesn’t ring any bells, then you should probably look it up, because it’s the new trend that is currently all the rage on social media.

Created by the model Valentina Fradegrada, this trend invites women to wear the top of their two-piece swimsuit…upside down. It doesn’t look a lot like how it sounds, but when you see the result, it’s pretty damn sexy! When wearing your bikini upside-down, you’ll look like a sexy mermaid with breath-taking cleavage, thanks to the ‘push-up’ effect that guarantees a perfect fit.

This trend is so successful that the Instagram account dedicated to it already has 29,000 followers and shows pictures of girls having fun testing this special way of wearing their swimsuit.

To get the full effect, you need to tie the two neck straps around your upper chest, and then slightly open the cups to optimise your cleavage. It’s worth noting that this can only be done with bikinis that have triangle-shaped tops. So are you ready to test the upside-down bikini look on the beach when summer arrives?

This Bizarre New Swimsuit Trend Is All The Rage This Bizarre New Swimsuit Trend Is All The Rage