There Could Soon Be A Pill To Fight Loneliness

There Could Soon Be A Pill To Fight Loneliness

A team of American scientists are in the midst of developing a pill that could be capable of battling loneliness.

According to a survey by the France Foundation, five million people feel isolated. While the popularity of social networks might make it easy to believe that we’re connected to the world, in fact we’ve never been quite so alone. This is why the Brain Dynamics Laboratory, a department of the University of Chicago that specializes in brain behaviour, has decided to research possible solutions.

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The researchers are considering the use of a neuroactive steroid called pregnenolone to calm affected persons. Of course, it wouldn’t totally eliminate the feeling of isolation, but it could at least help reduce the risk of depression and the potential for related suicidal thoughts. For the moment, this magic pill is only in the experimentation stage. It is advised that people feeling lonely sign up for a club or organization, call friends, or practice meditation.

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