Revealed: The Top 20 Bad Habits Among People In The UK

How many of these are you guilty of?

According to a recent survey by Onepoll UK, the average Brit has three bad habits. They've put together a list of the most common ones among people in the UK and we bet you'll identify with at least one or two of them...

Topping the list is comfort eating but it seems that this doesn't necessarily have to be such a bad habit after all. As nutritionist Rob Hobson says:

'We are a nation of snackers and grazers but the variety of food now has grown vastly and comfort eating can be healthier.'

Next on the list are swearing and nail-biting, followed by not doing any exercise and, erm, procrastinating...

Take a look at the full list below to see how many of these bad habits you're guilty of then find out what that says about you:

1. Comfort eating

2. Swearing

3. Biting nails

4. Not doing exercise

5. Procrastinating

6. Stressing about things

7. Nose picking

8. Eating fast food

9. Snoozing alarm

10. Spending too long scrolling through social media

11. Eating too much chocolate

12. Smoking

13. Forgetting people's names

14. Drinking too much coffee or tea

15. Interrupting people

16. Eating too many crisps

17. Being untidy

18. Watching too much TV

19. Being forgetful

20. Squeezing spots

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