If You're Afraid Of Spiders, You Should Probably Avoid Wearing This Colour

If You're Afraid Of Spiders, You Should Probably Avoid Wearing This Colour

Arachnophobes, take note! A study has found that by wearing certain colours you may be making yourself more attractive to our eight-legged friends and we doubt that's something you want. Check out the video for more of the details!

There are a lot of phobias out there, with arachnophobia being among the most common. But did you know that spiders are more attracted to and can see some colours better than others. The website MCE has recently revealed which ones you should avoid if you have this fear.

Just to jog your memory, arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. It is one of the top ten most common phobias around the world with millions of sufferers according to the site Mental Healthy, but the exact figures are difficult to verify. Although the saying goes that ‘they’re more afraid of you than you are of them’, a fear of spiders can still be a pain in day to day life. However, this fear still isn’t taken very seriously throughout the world.

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Colours to avoid

Good news! Results from a recent study have revealed which colours to avoid if we want to avoid spiders. Although they have four pairs of eyes to help them recognize different colours in nature, some shades have reportedly been more difficult for them to distinguish.

According to this study, spiders can’t detect the colour blue so easily and the colour green should also be avoided when choosing clothes and decorations, since spiders could confuse this colour with plants and wildlife.

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