64% of Men Still Believe That Jobs Are Gendered
64% of Men Still Believe That Jobs Are Gendered
64% of Men Still Believe That Jobs Are Gendered
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64% of men still believe that jobs are gendered

By James Guttridge

Gender inequalities are still very much present in the world today, especially in the workplace. The French Oui Care company looked into the fact that professions are indeed gendered, contributing to deepening inequalities. Read on to find out more.

Not so long ago, many internet users were criticising the Larousse, French dictionary for being sexist. Indeed, several definitions of female occupations were judged, quite rightly, to be sexist. Here are a few examples:

A female baker was defined as 'the wife of a baker who works in a bakery,' and the definition of a female warrior is, according to the French Larousse, a 'young woman, who aggressively and violently claims her place in society.'

Unfortunately, the study carried out by the Oui Care company confirmed these ideas, showing that this sexismis cultural. Indeed, 64% of men, compared to 51% of women, believe that jobs are gendered.

The study showed that the younger generation maintains thisgendered inequality, since 40% of men aged 18-29 believe that the head of a company should be male, while only 17% of men over 60 think so.

These worrying figures do not leave us with much optimism about the younger generation.

70% of men and women over 60 agree that these trends will change, but only 42% of the younger generation thinks so. 44% of women aged 18/29 think that jobs will always be gendered. Conversely, 72% of senior women think that this trend will change.

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