4 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Sugar Intake

We know the negative effects of refined sugar on our health, but it seems to be present everywhere and in everything we consume. So if you want to reduce, here are some tips to help combat your sweet tooth!

Sugar actively contributes to increasing the risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cavities. Although sugar is naturally present in fruits and vegetables, this type of sugar has little effect on our health. Sugars that are dangerous for the body are added sugars present in processed food. Here is a short guide to help you out.

1. Say goodbye to sugary drinks

It might seem obvious; we already know that soda contains a very large amount of sugar, but this is also the case for ‘healthy’ juices such as fruit juices and smoothies. On average, 450 ml of apple juice contains 49 grams of sugar (12 teaspoons).

Our bodies do not process calories in the same way when we consume liquids or solids. People who consume a lot of sweetened drinks will not eat less to compensate. To refresh yourself, we recommend a homemade iced tea (with no added sugars) or sparkling water with cucumber and mint, deliciously refreshing in the summer.

2. Reduce sugary deserts

Cakes, pies, ice cream... as we all know, desserts contain a lot of added sugars. If you have a real sweet tooth, there are alternatives to a sugary breakfast. Fruit is naturally sweet and provides many supplements such as fibres that help digestion. Dark chocolate is also a good alternative, it is low in sugar, rich in calcium and vitamin B12.

3. Be careful about foods labeled as ‘healthy’

Many foods considered healthy are full of added sugars. Granola, protein bars and dried fruit contain a lot of sugar. These foods can be replaced by nuts, full of trace elements and proteins, undried fruit or an egg (to be eaten in small quantities because the yolk is quite fatty), full of proteins and vitamins.

4. Avoid sauces with lots of sugar

It is not always known, but ketchup, barbecue sauce and chilli sauce contain many added sugars. Instead of these sauces, go for aromatic herbs that add a lot of taste to food, or mustard that does not contain sugar and is not caloric. Pesto is also low in sugar, as is mayonnaise (which is high in fat).

Reducing your sugar intake takes a little practice, and above all it requires reading labels and using apps that can make life easier, such as Yuka. Reducing added sugars is good for the health! To feel satisfied, go for whole grain foods that release slow sugars throughout the day and increase the feeling of satiety.

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