Years after he died she got to hear her son's heartbeat again

Payton Casteel, an organ donor, died in a motorcycle accident. One Mother's Day, Flint was finally able to meet Anna Hutt, Payton's mother, who had the opportunity to listen to her son's heartbeat in the body of the man he saved...

Sunday, May 14th, is Mother's Day in the United States. This day was extra special for Anna Hutt, who had an emotional moment, listening to her dead son's heartbeat once again. It was in the body of Gary Flint, the man who had inherited it throughatransplant.

Payton Casteel died in a tragic motorcycle accident when he was hit by a car in Coin, a city in the state of Iowa. The driver of the vehicle was then sued for negligence but ultimately was not found to be at fault.

At the time of thetransplant, May 23rd, 2014, Gary Flint was unsure he'd be able to receive a transplant on time and had only a few months to live. Thanks to Payton's terrible misfortune, Gary Flint was finally able to inherit a new heart. Like 6 other people, his life was saved thanks to Peyton's organs.

Anna Hutt, Payton's mother, was able to meet Gary Flint for the first timeon Mother's Day. Although they had already spoken on the phone several times, this encounter was overwhelming for Anna, who got to listen to her son's heartbeat once again.The man wants to keep in touch with Anna and believes that he will never be able to thank her enough for thissecond chance. As for Anna, she wants Gary to be as happy as possible...

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