Woman came back from holiday and found 18 scorpions in her suitcase (PHOTOS)

A woman got a very unpleasant surprise when she discovered that scorpions had taken up residence in her suitcase.

Not exactly the kind of memory someone would want to keep. Several days after returning from a trip, this woman opened her suitcase and found several scorpions comfortably chilling inside. Baffled, she had to contact the responsible authorities to have the arachnids removed.

Scorpian mommy and her babies

The woman, a resident of Linz (Upper Austria), whose name and age are unknown, probably came across a mother scorpion during her stay in Croatia. However, it would have been less surprising if she had opened her bag as soon as she arrived.

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Posted by Tierhilfe Gusental - THG on Saturday, July 23, 2022

But, according to Mirror, she waited almost three weeks before unpacking her belongings, giving the pregnant scorpion who was hiding there, plenty of time to lay eggs and even hatch them.

Scorpians rescued

After the shock, the woman contacted Tierhilfe Gusental, an animal rescue service. In a post on Facebook, the NGO said:

The animals have been taken to safety. They are currently in the animal shelter in Linz until they start their journey home.

It was more fear than harm for both the woman and for these scorpions, who perhaps could not comprehend the sudden change of scenery!

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