When their flight was delayed, these passengers received an incredible surprise

Passengers on this flight to New Orleans found an amazing way to pass the time by organising a small a cappella concert.

A delayed flight is never a pleasant occasion for travellers, but for the passengers on this flight, the wait was a lot better than they thought it would be! Whilst onboard thisplane heading for New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States, one of the passengers realised that there was also a quartet on the same aircraft. What are the chances!

A flight with some spirit

So, thispassenger asked them if they would improvise a small concert while they were waiting. The result is quite surprising, and the other travellers really seemed to like it. And we can see why! I bet we don’t even need to remind you that New Orleans is renowned all over the world for its music, mainly jazz and blues. You could say that this improvised concert came at just the right time!

Perfect travel companions

You could say that the passengers were quite lucky to have been on thisflight, except for thebabiesthat were screaming because they were impatient to arrive… We would also love to be on a flight with passengers like this the next time we fly! What about you? Have you ever been on a flight with such lovely fellow travellers?

Check out the video above to see the heartwarming scene for yourself!

Mother of two receives VIP treatment as solo passenger on a Ryanair flight Mother of two receives VIP treatment as solo passenger on a Ryanair flight