Wedding descends into complete chaos as bride brawls in field (VIDEO)

Nothing says Swansea wedding like a good old fashioned brawl. The shocking footage shows the bride, fighting in a field while another woman is passed out in the parking lot.

Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and sophisticated occasions marked with love, but the overwhelming amounts of alcohol at the reception can often turn the beautiful day into a dramatic scene.

Onebride was recently caught on film by onlookers in Swansea fighting a mystery person in a football field. Holding nothing sacred the bride is fighting on the ground while still in her wedding dress. We would never!

The carnage which was captured on film and posted to Reddit shows the bride pinning someone down on the grass. Another figure in the foreground also captures some attention as the woman lies passed out on the pavement with many viewers believing she was dead. One person commented:

Is nobody gonna check on the dead lady?

Another stated:

Didn't have sound on but I knew it was in the UK within 10s of watching it. Can't decide if more impressed with myself or more embarrassed about my country.

Pile on the Welsh

The poster who captioned the video 'Nothing like a good old punch up to end your wedding day' also added some context to the image after many requests.

They stated that the wedding occurred at the 'Penlan rugby club in Swansea. A notoriously rough part of the country'. They went on to state that many people purposely refused to attend the wedding as the punch up was nothing but expected:

FYI - This happened in the south-west UK in wales. The woman unconscious is not dead or did not die. Edit** happened specifically at Penlan rugby club in Swansea. A notoriously rough part of the country. The woman on the floor is one of the bride's friends and apparently she’s just drunk and asleep. Lots of people who were invited didn’t show up for this wedding as they were expecting something like this.

The Reddit poster who goes by the handle RickyMEME also went on to say that punch ups at weddings are almost traditional in Wales and that the man who was seen breaking up the fight was actually the son of the 'dead woman' passed out on the ground. Classy stuff.

I have since found out that the guy breaking up the fight is the woman who’s unconscious son. He is now on the warpath because people on Facebook are mocking her. Also, nobody helped her at all. They saw her fall and just left her there cause she was drunk. The woman is completely fine though apparently she just fell, She was not attacked.

Authorities commented

A spokesperson from the Pelan RFC commented on the situation stating that they had called the police. They said in a Facebook statement:

We are aware of a video being circulated from last night at the club after a wedding party ended there was a fight outside the club. It was a private function and no one affiliated with the club were involved.

The statement continued:

We hope everyone is safe, the club staff phoned the police and had the people removed & the injured people got attention. This behaviour can cause life-changing injuries. We are lucky we have such good members who have assisted with clean up today.

To witness the classy brawl for yourself check out the video above!

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