This Teen Saw The Doctor Thinking She Has The Flu... The Diagnosis Is Much Worse!

Marlee Pincus thought she was battling a particularly nasty bout of the flu. When her temperature wouldn't stop rising, she decided it was time to see the doctor. The diagnosis changed her whole life!

When 18-year-old Marlee Pincus saw the doctor, she was expecting to hear that she was suffering from a serious flu. The reality of the devastating diagnosis was far different.

Much worse than she expected

After a few tests in the laboratory, Marlee and her doctor are certain: she hasn’t contracted a normal flu... she's suffering from leukaemia. “The first thought is: ‘Am I going to die?’”, Marlee explains.

Fortunately for the young woman, the chances of recovery are about 90%. But there’s no way around chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. A hard fight begins for Marlee - and she stays strong.

Marlee raises money

Deciding to jump into action, Marlee started her fight against the sickness while at the same time fighting for other too. Marlee started fundraising for the charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society to hopefully help others in need in a similar position as her.

On her Facebook page “Marlee Kickin’ Leuk’s Butt”, she regularly posts updates about her battle against the disease. She claims 2019 is the year she beats the disease. We're rooting for you Marlee!

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