This real-life Rapunzel's hair is over 7 feet long

Aliia Nasyrova is a real-life Rapunzel. Her hair is over seven feet long when loose. However, having such long hair does come with some serious problems.

Aliia Nasyrova has been growing her hair for over 20 years. She cuts it herself once a month—but only to remove split ends.

She most often wears her hair in a braid as it's so long it sweeps along the floor after her otherwise.

You might think that having such long hair would cost a fortune in products, but Aliia receives plenty of freebies from haircare brands due to her Internet fame. She also only washes her hair once a week—it takes about twenty minutes. Drying it, however, takes a whole day as Aliia doesn't use a hairdryer. This means that Aliia and her husband Ivan have to plan holidays carefully around her haircare regime.

That's not the only way Aliia's hair interferes in her relationship. Aliia and her husband describe her braid as being like 'an extra member of the family' and Ivan says it gets more space in their bed than he does!

Aliia also has to deal with the fact that her hair draws a lot of attention. Whilst lots of people think her hair is beautiful and are envious of her fairytale locks, others are less keen and tell her she should cut it off.

We think Aliia's hair is gorgeous, but we're not sure if we could deal with it ourselves—just imagine if it got tangled in something!

This man has never cut his hair in his life! This man has never cut his hair in his life!