This Newborn Baby Is Just One Year Younger Than Her Mother
This Newborn Baby Is Just One Year Younger Than Her Mother
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This Newborn Baby Is Just One Year Younger Than Her Mother

In the United States a beautiful baby named Emma was born. Emma isn't an ordinary baby, in fact she is one year younger than her mother! This seems impossible right? Miraculously, it's not!

Emma's parents, Tina and Benjamin Gibson were struggling with infertility and sought help from the National Embryo Donation Center.

The mission of the donation centre is 'to protect the lives and dignity of human embryos.'When couples go through the In Vitro fertilisation (IVF) process, there are embryos that remain which can be saved. Couples can either dispose of it, give it to research, freeze it, or donate it to couples who cannot conceive. For this case, the Gibson's were fortunate enough to receive a very special embryo.

Carol Sommerfelt, the embryology lab director, worked with the couple during the medical process. She stated that the embryo was originally frozen on 14 October 1992 which makes it about 25 years old. In the past, the oldest frozen embryo that had a successful birth was 20 years old.

Sommerfelt stated that she unthawed three 'snowbabies' which all shared the same anonymous donor for Tina Gibson. Statistically, there is a 75% survival rate when unthawing frozen embryos. After the embryos have successfully thawed they are implanted into the patient. The successful implant rate is normally 25%-30%. When the doctor's transferred the embryos to Tina, thankfully one successfully implanted. The couple is now blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby who weighed 2.9 kilograms and measured 50 centimetres long at birth.

By Eric Allen

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