This Mum Was Pronounced Clinically Dead In Childbirth... Then A Miracle Happened!

This Mum Was Pronounced Clinically Dead In Childbirth... Then A Miracle Happened!

Her child had to be born through a C-section when her heart stopped and although she was clinically dead, her baby was fine. Then her husband came to say goodbye to her…

Birth isn’t a piece of cake and we all know it. And it can be a lot more dangerous if there is something wrong with either the mother or the baby during labour…

Clinically dead

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Melanie Pitchard went to hospital with her husband Doug when she was in labour, and he was by her side when she told him that she was feeling dizzy and light-headed. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with Melanie and moved her to a different room in the hope that this would help. But all of a sudden, Melanie’s head dropped, and she stopped breathing. The doctors reacted quickly and rushed her to surgery. There, she gave birth to her healthy and lively baby through a C-section, but Melanie still didn’t show any signs of life for ten minutes afterwards. She was clinically pronounced dead.

A miracle

Her husband Doug was brought in so he could say goodbye to his wife. She apparently had amniotic fluid in her circulation which led to her having a cardiac arrest. The doctors couldn’t do anything else for the young mother. Doug whispered in her ear, ‘I love you. If you have any fight left, then fight!’

And then the unthinkable happened. Melanie woke up and asked for her baby. A true miracle! As CNN reported, both mother and daughter are now doing all right and were ready to leave the hospital within a few days.

Anna Wilkins
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