This Little Girl Was Finally Being Adopted... But She Couldn't Believe Who Turned Up In The Courtroom

On Wednesday, June 8th, young Danielle had a date in court with her adoptive parents to officially formalise her adoption. And she had quite the surprise waiting for her in the courtroom!

Danielle is a 5-year-old blonde girl who, since March 2014, had been living with her foster parents Sarah and Jim in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After two years of living together, Sarah and Kim decided to formally adopt Danielle, and all three were summoned to the courtroom to finalise the proceedings. But the little girl certainly did not expect what was awaiting her there!

A real fairy tale!

As soon as they arrived in the room, seven smiling Disney princesses and a prince were all waiting for her! Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa... all the princesses from her dreams were there! For the occasion the judge had even swapped her black robe for a Snow White costume! This idea came from ​​the social worker who took care of the girl's file, and who knew her love of Disney cartoons well.

A magical moment!

The adoption took place in a very happy atmosphere, and Sarah and Kim officially became little Danielle’s parents. ‘The hearing is definitely a party when kids get a new family, and that just shows the love and compassion of our helpers,’ said Laura Mitchell, the centre’s director who helped young Danielle find her new parents. Today, Danielle is a little girl like any other, who lives with loving parents, and who continues to watch Disney films all day long! This is a beautiful story that will definitely make you smile. Too bad we do not see this kind of fantasy more often, adoption procedures would probably be much simpler!

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