This German model claims to have the world’s largest breasts

One German model from Hamburg is sure to turn a few heads: she's got the world’s largest chest. Her breasts actually account for half her body weight!

This German model claims her breasts weigh 5 stone!

It’s safe to say that it can be a bit difficult for most people to maintain eye contact with this German model, known as Beshine. According to Beshine, real name Marya Hills, she’s got the world’s largest breasts. As per her official website, they weigh a total of 33 kilograms, that's about 5 stone! She is popular on Twitter and has about 141,000 followers. This accounts for almost half of her body weight, leading to several health problems. However, Marya admits that she still wants her be breasts to be bigger! She wrote on her website:

I can't even keep my hands from them now and anytime I want to get them bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

It's not all fun and games

As one would come to expect with a weight like this, her breasts are a source of chronic back pain as well as many other problems. Leaning forward is almost guaranteed to end in disaster for her. Shaving her legs is also completely out of the question for Marya. It goes without saying that she must spend a fortune on buying custombras as well as her cup size is a whopping 32Z! Another complication is, therefore, shoulder grooves, since the bra straps dig into the shoulders, and do not fully support the breasts. However, as many bustier ladies can confirm, wider straps can help with this.

Besides back pain, overly large breasts can also affect the neck and the fingers, causing numbness. Additionally, rashes can also form, since large breasts trap heat and moisture underneath them. Large breasts can also make it difficult for women to exercise and do other physical tasks. This lack of physical activity then also has long term effects on health. Marya's website reads:

Things like tight spaces, in a car or an elevator, plane or cinema seats which have appeared normal those days when I had much smaller boobs, are today sometimes a big challenge for me, it's hard to put on shoes or shave legs if you do not see your own feet.

Many women in this cases such as Marya's opt forbreast reduction surgery due to the extensive complications. In 2018 in the UK there were about 2,300 breast reduction surgeries, a figure which increased over the preceding two years.

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