The Most Beautiful Grandma in the World Reveals Her Secret

Her photos make her look like she’s 20, but she’s actually more than twice that! Check out the story below of American influencer Alice Vasquez who lives with her family in California in the Untied States.

The photos and the life of Alice Vasquez, an influencer from America, have left the whole world gobsmacked. She regularly uploads photos from her life on her Instagram account @sweetalice101.

What surprised everyone was that, as you can see from her photos, this mother and grandma really has managed to keep her figure despite her age. Although Alice hasn’t revealed her true age on her Instagram account, she has, however, let it slip that she is at least 40 years old.

Alice has stated that she became a young mother at the age of 16 and that she became a grandmother at 32. She has also revealed that she doesn’t mind having grandchildren and in fact, considers them a true blessing.

Recently, and according to, the woman has finally revealed how she has managed to keep her figure and her youth. She claims that her secret is that she does a lot of yoga and in fact, she is even a teacher of this discipline.

‘My daughter thinks that the attention I receive is amusing. People think we look like sisters, some think that our lives must be difficult. But it’s nothing like that, we both fell in love and had children when we were young. It’s nothing to be ashamed of,’ she said.

Regardless of her age, Alice is living proof that no matter how old you are, it’s always possible to stay fit. Exercise and follow a healthy diet and you’ll see!

The world's hottest grandmother reveals her surprising beauty secret The world's hottest grandmother reveals her surprising beauty secret