She Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins But Was Surprised When She Went For A Check Up

The doctors in the delivery room were surprised by Alexandra Kinov's birth. Indeed, it is so rare, it only happens once every 480 years.

Alexandra Kinov, a 23-year-old Czech woman, received the most surprising news in her life shortly before giving birth. When she got pregnant, she and her boyfriend Antonin Kroscen were expecting a baby.

A short time later, they found out that they were having not one, but two children. At first, they were excited to have twins, until they got an even bigger surprise.

At a later prenatal visit, doctors told them that they had not two, but 4 babies on the way. They were stunned by the news, but even though they weren't expecting it, they were excited at the idea of having a big family.

The following month, an ultrasound revealed that the family was still growing. The test showed 5 heads, not 4. Alexandra was pregnant with quintuplets! However, the ultrasound couldn't determine the sex of the babies due to the number of fetuses.

Months later, 4 beautiful boys, Michael, Alex, Deniel and Martín, and a beautiful girl, Tereza, were born. The best news of all is that despite the complications that usually occur in these pregnancies and deliveries, all 5 babies were born in very good health.

The birth of the quintuplets was a historical event in her country. The last time 5 babies were born at the same time in the Czech Republic was in 1949!

She thought she was pregnant but her labour revealed something awful She thought she was pregnant but her labour revealed something awful