She Thought She Had A Birthmark But In Reality, The Truth Was Something Remarkable

The American singer Taylor Muhl has always had a mark that covers half of her stomach. She discovered a few years ago that she had actually absorbed her twin sister during her mother’s pregnancy and that this mark matches her sister’s skin…

Taylor Muhl always thought that she had a twin. But she would never have guessed that the mark that she has always had on her tummy matches the skin of her vanished twin. The 33-year-old singer who lives in California discovered the phenomena, called Chimera, after being diagnosed in 2009.

The left side of Taylor Muhl’s body is slightly larger and the singer has two immune systems and two different DNA at the heart of the same body. Taylor incidentally does not have the same allergies in accordance with certain parts of her body and is twice as vulnerable if she falls ill, due to her two distinct immune systems.

The most visible aspect of the Chimera on Taylor’s body is the difference in pigmentation on her stomach. This distinctive feature is also extremely rare as the symptoms of the Chimera are generally internal. Only 100 cases of chimeric twins have been diagnosed in the entire world.

Thinking that it was a birthmark, Taylor Muhl started to ask serious questions after watching a TV programmed about chimeric twins broadcast in 2009. She then consulted a specialist and did numerous exams that led her to discover the truth…

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