Pregnant Woman Left Astonished When She Saw Her 34 Week Scan

When you are pregnant, all you want to know when you go to the doctor is that everything is fine. This woman was left with an amusing note when she went for her 34-week check.

Alexandra Jachorek 21 and her partner Lee Bond, 23, were pregnant with their second child. Their first child Kadin, now 5, was born bald, as most of the babies. But after attempting the scan, the mother saw her new baby girl's head full of hair.

We'd already found out we were expecting a girl at the previous scan, so at 34 weeks, we were just excited to see how much she'd grown. When the midwife turned the screen around, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. There was this tiny little baby on the scan with a full head of hair. I just thought, 'No way, this cannot be possible.

Alexandra said that she was even more excited to meet her baby girl. Maya was born on 9th June at the Coombe Woman Infants University Hospital, in Dublin. weighing 8lbs 9oz - with beautiful shiny dark locks. Maya's hair made quite an impression on the Hospital's doctors and nurses, who admitted they have never seen a baby with this much hair.

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8 months old today 😍💖

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Alexandra laughed:

I do it in plaits and sometimes I tie it in a ponytail. I love putting bow clips in her hair. I have different colours, like pink, blue, red and yellow, to match the different outfits that she wears.

Sounds like Little Maya is going to turn into a real-life Rapunzel. What a cutie!

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