People said he wasn't hot enough for her, his transformation proved them wrong

For so many years, a young man received all sorts of comments about how his girlfriend was much, much better looking than him. As a result, he decided to take part in a complete make-over.

Claribel Vizcarra and Brandon Vande Pol are not your typical couple. Claribel has a polished, glam chic look whilst Brandon is more minimal and laid-back, allowing his hair and beard to grow freely as they wished. Claribel commented:

I’m more glam, more fashion. He’s more casual and laid back.

As a result, the pair often turns head, and receives comments hinting that they weren't quite in the same 'league.' Luckily, Brandon says he didn't take other people's comments as insults. He reveals:

Sometimes I do get that, but then it just kinda goes quick because it’s like a compliment to me because she’s so beautiful and I’m lucky to have a girl like her.

The couple seems to embody the phrase 'opposites attract.'

The two love birds made their way onto Rachael Ray Show, an American talk show, where Brandon really did go miles to wow hislove. Beyond her expectations, the transformation wasn't the only thing that filled her with awe, and she was ultimately left in pure tears of joy.

After some simple changes to his style and wardrobe, Brandon looks like a totally new man, and Claribel couldn't quite believe it. In fact, Brandon had a very important question to ask her, and he couldn't have chosen a better time to do it than when he stepped onto the stage, rocking his new look...

Brandon then addressed Claribel in front of the whole world and asked her to be his wife. He gave a rather romantic speech, stating:

I love you, and you’ve been my best friend for a long time. And we’ve always been together, and we’ve been through a lot. I’m never going to forget that, okay? I would be honored if you’d be my wife.

So, not only did Brandon end up leaving the show with a super fresh trim and a suave suit, but he also came out withfiancé,as well! It seems Brandon wasn't taking a new chapter in life lightly when he said goodbye to his long, scraggly locks—a whole new look, a new milestone ahead!

Check out Brandon's heartwarming transformation in the video above...

After his incredible transformation people are comparing him to a Disney Prince After his incredible transformation people are comparing him to a Disney Prince