Parents Are Outraged By This Tattooed Teacher's Appearance

Sylvain, 35 years old, is the most tattooed man in France. On top of that, he's a school teacher and parents are not very happy with his look…

He is known as ‘Freaky Hoody.’ Sylvain is 35 years old and is considered to be the most tattooed man in France. This school teacher is tattooed from head to toe, including his face, roof of his mouth, and tongue. But that's not all, his eyes have also been inked.

In an interview, this school teacher talked about his daily life with his students and their parents.

Unfortunately, he said that his appearance was shocking for some parents, and he is worried about his upcoming teaching inspection:

My inspector doesn't want me to teach kindergarten anymore to avoid receiving letters of complaint.

Shortly after this testimony, reactions on the web remained rather mixed. Some consider that a teacher can have his or her own style and that this should not be a matter of physical appearance. Others feel that proper attire should be respected. Some comments on social media say:

I am the father of two little girls, and if their teacher was this gentleman, it would be a good opportunity to teach them not to judge people by their appearance.
I am heavily tattooed and I worked in kindergartens and elementary schools. The only people that bothered me were the parents. The kids loved me.

Sylvain talked about the many comments he receives on a daily basis:

Some people have a problem with [how I look], but it’s a minority, it's one parent out of 1,000, and they're parents of children who are not in my class. When it comes to the parents of my students, everything goes well. I think I'm a good teacher and do my best in my work and progress year after year.

This young teacher has taught several different classes: kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and has also taught in England.

We hope that he will be accepted for who he is.

Check out the video at the top of the article to see what this teacher looks like!

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