Her partner cheated on her so she got her revenge in the best way possible!

Infidelity is unfortunately quite commonplace nowadays and it can pop up everywhere. Just like for this woman for example, who after realising that her boyfriend was cheating on her and was in fact engaged to somebody else, decided to take matters into her own hands, in the best way possible!

This woman discovered that her boyfriend wasn’t being honest with her about their relationship and decided to take back control and get her revenge. This is what she did to amaze half the world...

The aforementioned woman, Jo-Ann from Las Vegas, discovered that her partner was actually cheating on her with another woman and thus decided to spend around £8,000 in order to give herself a complete makeover.

Her ex and his fiancé insulted her, calling her an ‘old hag’ and ‘grandma loser’, which pushed her to get her own back with quite an impressive transformation.

Before making this big decision, the 54-year-old woman fell into a state of depression that left her traumatised and caused her to disconnect from society and her friends in general.

According to The Sun, she then decided that it was time for a change and managed to regain her confidence by giving herself a complete makeover.

Now, and £8,000 down as a result of her plastic surgery, she is a completely new woman. According to media sources, she underwent breast implants, botox, micro-needling and a chemical peel.

All this, combined with a healthy diet, helped her turn herself into a completely new woman. Jo-Ann still follows a strict diet and regularly exercises, sometimes up to 7 times a week!

She is over the moon with her results and wants to use her new-found confidence to show others that there is no ‘expiration date’ for older women and that everyone can reach their goals and achieve their dreams if they try hard enough.

Her husband called her ugly but she got the best revenge Her husband called her ugly but she got the best revenge