Female MD’s hit back at haters claiming it's ‘unprofessional’ to post bikini snaps

The hashtag #MedBikini has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms recently, in support of women in medicine having the write to post pictures of themselves on social media without the fear of criticism or judgement.

Thisempowering trend comes after the release of an article in the Journal of Vascular Surgery titled: “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons”.

The paper outlined that the choice of content posted by young vascular surgeons could affect the way patients make their decisions on which physicians, hospitals and clinics they choose to be serviced by.

The primarily male research team that wrote the paper described this choice content they deemed 'unprofessional' as, 'pictures in underwear, provocative Halloween costumes, and provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear'.

After the study was published the women in medicine have been banding together on Twitter using the hashtag#MedBikinito shut down these claims that this content would be unprofessional, stating that despite their chosen profession, they are people just like any of us who can wear and do as they please without being judged.

Even passionate male colleagues are speaking out about the outrageous and audacious claims this study outlines, and as well bring into question the parameters in which the data was collected.

In response to all the backlash the article received the journal offered some recompense in the form of an apology stating:

We offer an apology to every person who has communicated the sadness, anger, and disappointment caused by this article. We have received an outpouring of constructive commentary on this matter, and we intend to take each point seriously and take resolute steps to improve our review process and increase diversity of our editorial boards.
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