Fed up with people commenting on her child’s face, this mother is speaking out

Fed up with the comments about her little girl's looks, this mother decided to respond back with an inspiring post on her blog.

It was the happiest day of her life when Katie Crenshaw gave birth to a lovely little girl named Charlie, a healthy and lively baby.

After a few weeks, a stain appeared under Charlie's eye, a capillary hemangioma (benign tumour), known as a 'strawberry nevus' but which does not take anything away from her beauty in her mother's eyes.

So Katie is tired of hearing the questions ‘What's wrong with her face?,’ ‘Too bad, she's so beautiful’ or ‘I hope she'll get better,’ and is tired of the pity and misplaced remarks by her relatives and strangers.

To respond to the inappropriate comments she hears all day long, this mother decided to create her blog Twelve and Six in order to respond to all of those inappropriate questions and remarks in one go. Katie explained:

It's part of her unique beauty. It won’t disappear, and guess what? It shouldn’t. I'd rather talk about her incredible smile or her beautiful eyes.

The mother is not against people asking after her daughter, she just asks for a little empathy.

Take a look at the video above for more on Katie and little Charlie's story...

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