Famous Mukbang YouTuber Goes Through an Incredible Weight Loss Journey

The Korean YouTuber Yang Soo Bin has gone through an incredible weight loss journey and the results are amazing. You won’t believe the before and after pictures–that’s what 500 days of hard work will do to you!

The Korean YouTuber became famous for her viral video of a botched haircut back in 2016 before it became a TikTok trend. Today though, she’s known for her mukbang YouTube channel. Mukbang is a worldwide phenomenon where Youtubers essentially film themselves stuffing their faces. Soo Bin's videos regularly get millions of views. But lately, she’s decided to undertake a different kind of project.

Soo Bin decided to go on a weight loss journey and she documented the entire thing on her social media accounts to help inspire others struggling to do the same. At the beginning of her journey, the Youtuber weighed over 115 kg. 500 days later, she’s already lost over 45 kg!

Yang Soo Bin's incredible transformation Yang Soo Bin

Her secret? It’s no secret at all! Just a lot of hard work, sweating it out at the gym and eating less, and healthier!

Evidently, Soo Bin had to drastically change her diet to make that kind of progress. Don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot less videos of her eating ridiculous amounts of food, and more of her working out at home and at the gym, sweating all of it out.

Yang Soo Bin at the gym Yang Soo Bin

Don’t worry, Soo Bin still enjoys the occasional cheat day. She is a mukbang star, after all. And she has to keep her fans happy!

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring