After Two Years Of Not Seeing Her Mother, This Little Girl Received The Best Gift Ever

While Venezuela remains locked in a political situation that seems to have no end in sight, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are leaving the country, generating millions of family dramas due to distance and uncertainty. However, some of them end up being resolved, as was the case in the beautiful video above.

The power struggle between Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó led Venezuela into a dramatic situation. The crisis that the country has been experiencing for many years has already worsened severely since Guaidó was named president of the country, entering into a very tense conflict with Maduro that has the country in suspense.

In view of this situation, and in view of the shortage and uncertainty, many Venezuelans have decided to make the difficult decision to leave their country, to seek better opportunities in neighboring countries.

But leaving is never easy. Not everyone can afford to migrate to a specific place with their whole family at their side. Many decide to send some family members first and if they are lucky, reunite when things get better.

The result: separated families. A separation of an unknown duration that becomes even more difficult for the younger ones, who fail to understand the reasons they're being separated from their beloved relatives.

Such is the case of this family. The little girl who is the star of this story was separated from her mother for two years. Until she received the gift she wanted the most.

Hit play to witness this emotional moment.

Source: Facebook | Naivelyn Cabrera

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