After Going In For A Breast Reduction, She Woke Up With A Nasty Surprise

After Going In For A Breast Reduction, She Woke Up With A Nasty Surprise

When this woman woke up from her breast reduction surgery, she couldn’t believe her eyes!

Whitney was 18 years old when she gave birth to her first child. At the time, the young American had a double D bra size and it suited her. Only, after her pregnancy, she was no longer happy with how her chest looked. A few years later, she decided to have an operation to reduce the size.

Unfortunately, lots of women suffer a lot when it comes to their chest. Some people find them too large, others too small. Whitney was part of the first group of women and decided to go a professional to make her breasts smaller and tighter, according to Bunte. Despite the fact that she had a lot of confidence in her plastic surgeons, this fatal decision left her traumatized.

When the young mother woke up after her operation, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Instead of reducing the size of her chest as agreed upon, the plastic surgeon used implants to increase the size of her breasts. According to the surgeon, it is important for a woman to have shape. The surgeon therefore decided to go against her client’s wishes.

‘I looked different than every other woman in this world’

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Unfortunately, Whitney had yet another problem because the implants weren’t positioned properly and were too high up in her chest. The surgeon tried to fix his mistake multiple times, but he couldn’t.

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