After finding a Disney illustration in the trash, his life changed forever

Adam, a homeless man, found a drawing of a Disney character in a bin. But he never imagined that his life would change foreverbecause of this find…

It all started with a piece of art featuring Bambi, the little deer from the Disney film! Adam, a homeless man from Canada, stumbled across this print of the character…

A discovery estimated to be worth 20 dollars

When he made this discovery, Adam quickly thought he would be able to make a few bucks from it, so he took the Bambi print to Alexander Archbold, an antique dealer. This dealer thought he might be able to make a small profit from it, so gave the homeless man 20 dollars. After Adam’s visit, the antique dealer examined the print more closely. Although he had only valued the artwork at 20 dollars originally, he then started to think it might be worth 100 dollars because as it turned out, it was vintage.

A certificate of authenticity

After a few days of examining it, the antique dealer found a certificate of authenticity on the back of the print in question … In reality, it was an original print that was designed for the original Bambi motion picture in 1937!

Alexander then did some more research. The print from the film Bambi was actually produced 5 years before the movie was first released! The dealer then contacted an art gallery in the United States who gave it a value of 3,500 dollars.

The original bambi Archibald

A fundraiser

Alexander Archbold decided to sell the print on eBay, where it sold for 3,700 dollars as the National Post reported. In good sportsmanship, the antique dealer then started looking for the homeless man and also started a fundraiser for him. He managed to raise 18,000 dollars!

Eventually, the dealer managed to find the homeless man and gave him the money he had raised as well as his cut from what he received after selling the artwork. Certainly, a story worthy of a Disney film, don’t you think?

We’ll let you check out the video above for the homeless man’s story as well as the amazing original Disney print!

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