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95-Year-Old Identical Twins Share Their Fitness Tips On Instagram

They are the oldest identical twins in the UK, and they even have an Instagram account where they reveal the secrets to a long life.

Warning: The Instagram account belonging to 95-year-old twins Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday could become you’re new favourite account because of how fresh and original it is.

Posted by Lil & Doris on Monday, September 9, 2019

It goes by the name of ‘Tiptontwins’ and it is run by these two identical twin sisters who are, among other things, the oldest identical twins in the UK. On their account, they reveal the secrets on how they have managed to live so long: by keeping fit and lots of joie de vivre!

Their laughter is contagious and would put a smile on your face even on grey and rainy autumn days. They also pack a lot of humor into the photos they post:

And they’re just starting out!

Although they only have about 2,000 followers at the moment, it’s not surprising, since they are quite new to the business. However, there have already been various reports done about these two ladies in the UK. They have already got themselves a reputation and are even making TV appearances now.

We would like to say a special Happy Birthday to a young fan... called Faith who turned 5 years old on Saturday 👵🏻💕👵🏻

Posted by Lil & Doris on Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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To reach this age, it’s important to stay fit. They try everything: yoga, football and trampolining and then share their experiences on Instagram.

Another secret to their long lives? They gladly revealed this on the British breakfast show ‘This Morning’ with big smiles on their faces: ‘No sex and plenty of Guinness.’ And they’re not far off! Another remarkably old woman has sworn that women live longer without men and she’s 107 years old. Another woman over the age of 100 has also sworn by coke as the elixir of life.

Their curiosity and desire to learn new things keeps them mentally fit. Recently, the two ladies Lil and Doris even bought a smartphone so they could manage their social media accounts faster. Life never stops being exciting, not even when you’re old! And these sweet old ladies are living proof of that!

By Lindsay Wilson
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