6 weeks after giving birth, she discovered something amazing

After Eliza and Ben had been together for just three months when Eliza suddenly fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. But six weeks later, she wasn’t feeling very well. Then she got some unbelievable news from the doctor.

This might sound like a plot from a movie, but this is what actually happened to this couple. Eliza Curby worked in an espresso bar where she met a random customer Ben. They started talking and after a few weeks, he had to go away for days. He asked Eliza to look after his house while he was away. When he returned, Ben took the leap and one dinner later, they were in a relationship.

After three months, they received the happy news that Eliza waspregnant. The two were delighted and Eliza gave birth to a little baby girl named Charlie. The child was healthy and the young couple was overjoyed. But the mood suddenly changed.

The reason for her pain is almost unbelievable

Eliza wasn’t feeling well and had a constant headache and a strange feeling in her stomach. This only added to all the stress she was already experiencing from having just given birth. Six weeks after, she decided to go see her doctor. There, they performed an ultrasound scan that revealed the incredible reason for Eliza’s discomfort and what Eliza had actually secretly suspected. She was pregnant again, just six weeks after giving birth!

But this wasn’t the only surprise the doctors revealed that day. They also gave the couple the surprising news that she was actually expecting two babies and that she will have identical twins.

Ben and Eliza were thrilled and could hardly believe their luck.

‘I was so scared but secretly super excited - I think everyone has a secret desire for identical twins,’ reported the mother happily.

One problem after another

However, thissecond pregnancywas a lot more difficult for Eliza. Ben, who worked full time, had to ask for paternity leave again because his girlfriend was so big that she could no longer take care of her daughter Charlie on her own. And then there was another problem.

The twins were born prematurely. After having a C-section, Eliza had to stay in the hospital with her two little boys. But at the end of the day, the most important thing was the health of her babies and ultimately, everything turned out alright in the end.

Today, Eliza and Ben are happily married and Charlie is getting on brilliantly with her two brothers, Jack and Wolfe, who are not even one year younger than she is. Giving birth to three children within eleven months has taken its toll on Eliza, but she is finally leading the happy family life that she had always wanted.

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Doctors discovered what she was carrying wasn't a baby but something much worse Doctors discovered what she was carrying wasn't a baby but something much worse