Non-binary emojis are finally being rolled out on smartphones

Google has just released emojis which don’t show men or women, or in other words, which are gender non-specific

Non-binary emojis are finally being rolled out on smartphones
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It’s a first in the emoji world: Google is trying to change mentalities by creating non-gendered emojis.

A positive evolution

The American company has unveiled its 53 new non-gendered emojis to the website Fast Company. As you can see in our video above, it's hard to tell if these emoticons are male or female, and that's the goal! Google hopes that many competitors will do the same with their emojis, including Apple. Jennifer Daniel, who’s responsible for the design of emojis at Google says:

It’s like we’re all at the pool and it’s like the water is cold. We just dove in first.

It wasn’t easy

Still on the American website Fast Company, Jennifer Daniel explained that she encountered some difficulties when designing the famous emojis. Indeed, it took time to perfect the design of the hair to be neither too long nor too short, and the choice of colours was also complicated since the goal was to be as neutral as possible. If Google took this initiative, it is so that all users can identify with the emojis.

Moreover, this is not the first time they have undertaken such an challenge. In 2016, they unveiled emojis of women's emojis seen in jobs which were 'stereotypically male.'

Check out the video above to see more of the new emojis for yourself!