People Have Been Posting Shocking Before-And-After Pics Thanks To This 60-Second Miracle Skincare Trick

Who doesn't dream of having perfect skin? An American beautician has revealed the miracle trick to saying goodbye to imperfections in no time! Here's what you need to know...

Cleansing your skin is an essential step towards getting rid of impurities. We spend an average of 15 seconds washing our face every day. Far too short a time according to Fayamka Roberts-Smith. This beautician from Los Angeles, who works for @LaBeautyologist said on Twitter: "Cleansing your face for 60 seconds allows the ingredients to act on the skin. This softens the skin and helps eliminate sebum in the pores."

The secret to healthy skin lies in a precise and effective 1-minute cleanse with a quality cleanser. Nayamka Roberts-Smith recommends massaging the skin with the tip of your fingers and insisting on the T zone: the nostrils, chin and forehead.

This professional's technique quickly spread on social networks. It spawned the hashtag #60SecondRule, through which many Internet users have published before & after pictures.

Some results reveal an impressive improvement: their skin is smoother, blemishes have faded and their complexion is much more glowing. Must try immediately!

Check out the video above to see the incredible effects this technique can have!

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