The Cost Of Queen Elizabeth II's Next Summer Holiday is Honestly Quite Shocking

Like she does every year, Queen Elizabeth II plans to spend her summer holidays at her home in Balmoral. But this summer, it looks like her holiday is going to cost a pretty penny indeed. What we'd give for a holiday like this...

Even the Queen of England is entitled to a holiday. After the lockdown caused by the particularly deadly coronavirus outbreak in the UK, Elizabeth II will, as she normally does, take a couple of months off during August and September to rest and relax near Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing will be normal for the Queen’s 2020 summer holiday. In fact, due to the lockdown, Balmoral Castle might not open to the public between April and July.

As a result, there will be no visits (it is estimated that around 70,000 people visit during this period each year) and large losses will follow. Each year, half the cost to run the royal residence comes from these visits and it is estimated that the castle brings in around £3 million a year.

So if Elizabeth II, who is currently at war against Meghan Markle, wanted to visit Balmoral in August, the castle will not be able to open and the losses incurred in the previous months due to the coronavirus would be reflected in the cost. As a result, Elizabeth II’s holiday in Balmoral could, indirectly, cost £1.5 million.

Is it worth it? We won't give our opinion here.

This is how Queen Elizabeth II earns money This is how Queen Elizabeth II earns money