Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle's Brother Delivers Handwritten Warning To Royal Family

Meghan Markle's estranged half-brother Mark Markle has come out of the woodwork to deliver a handwritten note to the Royal Family, urging them to reconsider before the Royal Wedding. Check the video to see the note!

May 19 is quickly approaching - the Royal Wedding. Finally we'll see the union between Suits actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry take place at Windsor Castle. While one would think this is an incredibly joyous occasion for both families, it seems that one person is not at all pleased with the upcoming marriage. In fact, he's trying his hardest to stop it from happening.

An estranged half-brother

Meghan's half-brother Mark Markle, 51, has recently written up and shared a handwritten letter to the Royal Family and specifically Prince Harry in which he urges them to reconsider the marriage. In the letter, he even goes as far as to say that they should call it off entirely.

'I'm confused why you don't see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees', Mark writes. According to the man, the Meghan Markle that we see today is not at all the same that he once knew. He claims the fame has gotten to her head and has led to her snubbing the friends and family she had before the engagement.

'Meghan's attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old'.

No contact since 2011

The last time we heard from Mark Markle was at the beginning of 2018 when he was thrown in jail following a drunken brawl with his fiancee. Meghan has kept her distance from him for the past 7 years, the last time they met being in 2011 for the funeral of their grandmother.

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