Queen supports Kate’s photo project by releasing three rarely seen photos

The Queen marks World Photography Day with some lovely throwback photos, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reveal pictures from Britain's youngest photographers.

The Royal family handle on Twitter recently shared three beautiful and memorable photos of the Queen to mark World Photography Day.

The Queen loves photography

From the amazing pictures captured, it seems the Queen has always been fascinated by photography. We can see her snapping away with her camera in some images.

One of the classic and cute exposures shows a young Prince Charles and Princess Anne with their mother, showing them how to use the camera apparatus. This image was taken at her holiday home, Balmoral, in 1952.

Royal family

The second picture was taken in 1982, when the monarch visited the South Sea islands of Tuvalu, it shows her operating a yellow compact camera with the late Duke of Edinburgh by her side. You can tell from her focus in the image that she really loves capturing moments.

Royal family

The last photograph was taken in 1977, when the Queen visited Lindsey Park Stud in Australia, in this image she is seen using the same aforementioned camera.

Royal family

The pictures were released with the caption:

This #WorldPhotographyDay, here are a few moments where The Queen has been pictured behind the lens.

Hold still

In a similar gesture, Kate Middleton and Prince William also marked the day by unveiling picture entries from some of Britain’s youngest and emerging photographers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expressed their love and admiration for photography in a Tweet. They said:

Photography has an amazing ability to create a lasting record of what we have all experienced & are experiencing.
That’s why this #WorldPhotographyDay we wanted to celebrate the youth of the #HoldStill2020 photography project and share images from the youngest finalists.

Kate Middleton is quite a photography enthusiast and is known for her skills behind the camera, as she often shares beautiful photos she personally took of her children, especially on their birthdays. She is also the patron of the Royal Photographic Society.

According to New Zealand Herald, London based award-winning photographer, Brownen Sharpe believes that Kate's natural ability to capture authentic beautiful moments lies in the fact that she consistently chooses her children as the photo subjects. She said:

No other photographer would be able to capture the same connection she has with her children. There is a real warmth and love that is present in her work.
Kate Middleton: The Duchess was ‘stung’ by the Queen’s comment about her career Kate Middleton: The Duchess was ‘stung’ by the Queen’s comment about her career