Prince Louis steals the show during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

On Sunday, June 5, during Elizabeth II's Jubilee parade, Prince Louis totally stole the show from his great-grandmother with his antics!

Concerts, military parades, air shows... The British have pulled out all the stops to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II's reign over the last four days. Unfortunately, due to her poor health, the Queen missed most of the events, except for two small appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet and thank the crowds present in her honour.

But there is one person who did not miss any of the festivities and who even stole the show from Her Majesty: Prince Louis, Kate Middleton and Prince William's youngest child.

An unmanageable little Prince

At just four years old, Prince Louis had a hard time keeping up with the ceremonies... Much to the dismay of his mother, Kate. Already on the first day of the Jubilee, the little boy had attracted all the attention during the Red Arrows flypast, plugging his ears because of the noise of the planes, or with a sulky face as if he was bored.

And on Sunday, June 5, during the Platinum Jubilee Parade, Prince Louis put on another show! Sitting next to his mum, he can be seen making faces, sticking his tongue out, dancing in his seat and even putting his hand over his mum's mouth when she's probably trying to tell him off.

Eventually, he will seek comfort in the lap of his grandfather, Prince Charles, who is apparently delighted to share this moment with his grandson.

Prince Louis melts Internet users' hearts

While we can imagine that Kate and William's daily life can't be easy with such a joker, internet users have totally fallen for the young Prince and his antics, almost eclipsing the rare appearances of Elizabeth II. Many took to Twitter to express their fondness for the young Prince:

This child is a joy to watch (probably a headache for the parents!) but what a great little character he seems to be
Prince Louis is clearly going to be the funny one in the family
Oh my Gosh !!!! I can't! Cute overload! Prince Louis is so adorable,

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