Meghan Markle net worth: This is how much money the Duchess of Sussex has made

Ever wondered how much money the Duchess of Sussex has banked in her lifetime?

It should come as no surprise that since becoming a part of the royal family, the wealth of Meghan Markle has skyrocketed almost over night. From her business ventures with Netflix and Spotify which she has recently embarked on with Prince Harry, Markle has seen a major increase since her days as an actress.

How much was she making before meeting Prince Harry?

At the height of her acting career, portraying Rachel Zane from 2011 to 2017 on the hit TV show Suits, Markle was reportedly banking around £35,000 per episode. This would bring her total to about £350,000 per year. In 2010, Meghan also starred in the films Remember Me, which earned her £137,000, and The Candidate, for which she received £125,000.

Besides her acting career, the now mum-of-two founded her own lifestyle blog called The Big in 2014 which saw her bringing an additional £70,000 per year. She wrote articles on topics like food, fashion, beauty and travel and it was hugely successful, gaining more than three million followers on Instagram. The website ran for three years before ultimately shutting down forever.

Thanks to her blog, she was also able to collaborate with Canadian fashion retailer, Reitmans, which undoubtedly increased her net worth. In total, before meeting Prince Harry, she was estimated to have a net worth of £4 million.

Just how much is her net worth?

Since her marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's combined net worth is estimated to be around £50 million. £15 million of their total net worth comes courtesy of a trust fund set up for Prince Harry by his late mother, Princess Diana.

At the end of last year, it was reported that Markle had invested in the company Clevr Blends which makes instant oat-milk lattes at £21 for a bag containing 14 servings. This will only increase her riches exponentially in the years to come.

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