Meghan Markle Looked Amazing With Her New Incredible Hairstyle

The Duchess of Sussex has recently adopted a completely new hairdo that really suits her.

Meghan Markle Looked Amazing With Her New Incredible Hairstyle
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On Friday 25th October, Meghan Markle appeared with a brand-new hairstyle! We are used to seeing the Duchess of Sussex with her long, curly hair down, in a low dancer’s bun or in a ponytail, but she rarely deviates from these styles.

But for the recent ‘One Young World’ meeting that took place in Windsor, Prince Harry’s wife made quite a surprise appearance when she appeared with a new hairdo, appearing to be a cross between a modern beehive and a French roll.

This style, which is far from a classic look for the Duchess, was created by twisting her combed/messy hair and was finished off by letting two thick strands of hair fall and frame the sides of her face. She wore this style with a middle parting, and it can be described as somewhere between chic and modern with a touch of retro. One thing is for sure, this new look highlighted the young mother’s face as well as her discrete, diamond earrings perfectly.

This new hairstyle aside, she also stunned people with her outfit that was entirely wine-coloured and included an amazing, long, leather skirt designed by Hugo Boss and a V-neck jumper. And as for her shoes, she decided to go for a pair of crimson red heels.

With this new look, Meghan Markle proved once again that despite protocol, she will always be innovative and wear her clothes and hair however she wants to in whatever style she wishes.