Lilibet Diana's birth might become an important point in Harry's relationship with his father

Families gather around good news, be they royal or not. Harry and his father Charles are said to have grown closer since the birth of Lilibet Diana.

The art of being a grandfather. The British newspaper The Telegraph reports on Tuesday 8 June how the birth of Lilibet Diana could soften relations between Prince Charles and his younger son Harry.

A delighted grandfather

The Prince of Wales shared his joy at becoming a grandfather for the fifth time, and that the birth of his granddaughter was 'such good news,' during a visit to a Mini car factory. He spoke of the need for technological advances in the field of energy:

[...] a subject of which I am only too aware, having recently become a grandfather for the fifth time. And such good news is just a reminder of the need for innovation in this area [...] bearing in mind what we will leave to our grandchildren.

Sources close to Prince Charles told The Telegraph that he talks to Harry 'regularly' and that their relationship, which has been strained since allegations of racism against a member of the royal family, has taken a turn for the better since the birth of Lilibet Diana.

A family reunion at Windsor Castle on the horizon?

However, Harry had claimed in March in his interview with Oprah Winfrey that relations with his father had broken down, as he had felt 'abandoned' by his father's lack of empathy. He even claimed to have stopped returning his phone calls, but did burn all bridges completely:

We still have a lot of issues to discuss.

Journalist Gayle King, who is close to the Sussexes, had also suggested that Harry, his brother William and their father had been talking but that their conversations were 'not productive.'

The entire royal family is said to be ready to forget the tensions between the Sussexes and the rest of the firm. The British press reports that the Queen herself has invited Harry to lunch at Windsor Castle when the Prince is in the UK for the unveiling of a statue in honour of his mother Diana, scheduled for 1 July.

Lilibet Diana's birth chart has revealed this the impact she will have on the royal family Lilibet Diana's birth chart has revealed this the impact she will have on the royal family