Kate Middleton Enraged By 'Never Have I Ever' Game With Wills' Ex

What happens when Prince William’s ex, Kate Middleton, and Prince William play ‘Never Have I Ever’ together? We can sum up the answer in one word: awkwardness.

Kate Middleton Enraged By 'Never Have I Ever' Game With Wills' Ex
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Can you imagine playing a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with your boyfriend’s ex? Someone’s bound to say something awkward, right?

At one dinner party in 2002, Prince William’s ex, Carly Massy-Birch, Kate Middleton, and Prince William played 'Never Have I Ever' with other guests. Unfortunately, Carly uttered a super awkward statement that shook the entire dinner party!

It may be hard for some of you to envision Kate throwing back a shot. However, the Duchess started a women’s drinking society while she was attending St. Andrew’s University. She didn’t like that the other society’s only included men.

Some reports declare that she didn’t drink too much, despite starting an all-women drinking society.

Maybe Carly's comment during the infamous 'Never Have I Ever' game in 2002 made Kate want to drink a little more than usual?

What did Carly say that was so awkward? Tune into our video to catch a small glimpse of a university dinner party with the Duchess and the Prince!