Ellen DeGeneres Is Related To This Member Of The Royal Family

Hilarious talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres received a letter from the New England Genealogical Society formally declaring that she is related to a member of the royal family.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Related To This Member Of The Royal Family
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In 2011, Ellen DeGeneres received word that her 15th cousin comes all the way from England! However, it turns out that Ellen’s not the only one related to royalty.

Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff received word that she shares the same bloodline as the queen! Well, she’s the queen’s 18th cousin. Meanwhile, George Bush is related to the late Princess Diana.

Paris Hilton, who dominated the tabloids in the early 2000s, also shares distant relations with the queen. We wonder what the queen thinks about all of these American relations!

The queen even shares relations with Queen B! That’s right, Queen Elizabeth II and Beyonce share blood. The “Crazy In Love” singer is the queen’s 12th cousin once removed. Perhaps her royal blood inspired Beyonce’s Queen B title.

Who is Ellen DeGeneres related to? And did her discovery propel her to receive an invite to any of the royal weddings? Tune into our video to find out.