Camilla catches COVID days after Prince Charles, is the Queen at risk?

Camilla catches COVID from Prince Charles as he tested positive for a second time. Does this mean the Queen has been exposed to the virus?

The Duchess of Cornwall is currently self-isolating as she has tested positive for COVID-19 days after Prince Charles tested positive again.

Duchess in self-isolation

A spokesperson for Clarence House said: ‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall has tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating. Adding: ‘We continue to follow government guidelines.’

The 74-year-old Duchess is triple vaccinated and so far does not seem to be affected by symptoms. Camilla had taken part in a number of engagements the day Prince Charles, 73, tested positive, who is also triple vaccinated but is finding it a ‘bit tiresome’ to have contracted the virus a second time, according to Camilla.

Under the current rules in the UK, even though Camilla lives with Prince Charles, she did not need to self-isolate when the Prince tested positive.

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The Queen at risk

Prince Charles had seen multiple people just before testing positive, including Chancellor Mr Sunak, who has since tested negative, to celebrate the work of the British Asian Trust (BAT).

It has been reported that Prince Charles paid the Queen a visit two days before he tested positive for the virus, sparking concern over the Queen’s, 95, health.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace said that the Queen wasn’t displaying any symptoms, but have refused to say if she has or hasn’t contracted the virus. The pair saw each other at Windsor Castle, and it was the first time they had seen one another since Christmas Day.

The Queen is currently being monitored by her doctors and will be taking rapid lateral flow tests every day until Thursday. Her schedule is being kept light until March when she has several outings scheduled.

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